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Convertible Tops With Glass Window Upgrades Available:
(replacing plastic with hard glass)

Corvette Glass Upgrades
Corvette Glass Window Convertible Tops

Honda Glass Window Convertible Tops

Maserati Glass Window Convertible Tops

Mazda Glass Window Convertible Tops

Porsche Glass Window Convertible Tops

G.A.H.H., LLC., is a leading convertible top manufacturer in the USA. G.A.H.H. offers a complete line of tailor-made, ready-to-install automotive convertible top upgrades with glass windows for Porsche, Corvette, Honda, Maserati and Mazda. We offer original factory designed replacement convertible tops with glass windows to replace the original plastic windows.  We can also create custom convertible tops with glass windows to match your specifications.

We also have online color charts for leather and carpets, custom color matching services, and have professional advice available to help you get the exact automotive convertible top with glass window you want.

Our manufacturing process ensures the long life and aesthetic beauty of our convertible tops ensuring your satisfaction.

Click on your auto make above to begin your search for the perfect glass window convertible top for your automobile!

We Offer: Mazda Miata Glass Window Convertible Top, Porsche Convertible Tops With Glass Window, Corvette Convertible Top with Glass Window, and More!