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GAHH is a leading convertible top manufacturer in the USA. We offer a complete line of tailor-made, ready-to-install automotive convertible tops, auto top boots, top parts, and other auto convertible top accessories. We offer original factory designed replacement convertible tops, or we can create custom convertible tops to match your specifications.

Whether you're looking for classic European convertible car top restorations or newer vintage Mercedes Benz convertible tops, we have the products and services to help you. We also have online color charts for leather and carpets, custom color matching services, and have professional advice available to help you get the exact automotive convertible top you want.

Porsche Boxster S Top

BMW 3 Series Top

Audi A4 Top

Mercedes CLK 430 Top

Mitsubishi Top

Ford Mustang Top

Porsche 996 Glas Top