Welcome to the GAHH FAQ. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here at GAHH. If you do not find the answer you seek here, please feel to contact us.

  1. From the time I place my order, how long before it is shipped?
  2. We are outside the USA, and your 800 number doesn't work from there. How can I call you?
  3. What if I receive my order, and I have a problem with it?
  4. What if I cannot find the item I am looking for on your website?
  5. Once I receive my order, do you have any installers in my area that can install the parts?
  6. What does GAHH stand for?
  7. Do your BMW Z3 convertible tops have pockets from 1998-on as an original would?
  8. I would like to make a purchase from you, and install it myself. Do you have installation instructions?
  9. Porsche 996 Glass Window Top: Does the glass fold and fit properly when the top goes down?
  10. Porsche Boxster Glass Window Top: Does the glass fold and fit properly when the top goes down?
  11. Porsche Boxster Glass Window Top: Is the defrost wiring harness available through you?
  12. Porsche 996 Glass Window Top: Is the defrost wiring harness available through you?
  13. Porsche Boxster Glass Window Top: Can you still see out the rear view mirror properly?
  14. What is the difference between German canvas and Sonnendeck canvas?
  15. It's a bit difficult to tell if I am choosing the correct color on the screen, there are a few that look so similar. What should I do?
  16. How long before you can ship a convertible top?
  17. If you don't have a convertible top in stock, how long before you can ship one?
  18. For BMW convertible tops 1987 to 1999, why do you recommend I buy the convertible top straps?
  19. I have 2 Mazda Miata convertibles, one is a 1989 and the other is a 1997. They both have plastic windows. Can I get a convertible top with a glass window for them?
  20. What type of material do you use in your products?
  21. What are your hours?
  22. What can I use to clean my canvas convertible top?
  23. What are the terms of your warranty guarantee?
  24. What is your return policy?
  25. I understand you do high priced cars, but I'm looking to redo my interior on my Capri and was wondering if you would have an interior for that and if so how much would it cost.
  26. Is there such a thing as a top for a 993 with glass rear window (1997)?
  27. I have heard through the grapevine that GAHH, in certain cases will make seat covers for "free!". Please tell me about this offer.
  28. Do you have any "special offers?"
  29. I have an Upholstery Shop and I was wondering, if I have installation questions, is there anyone there that could help me?
  30. I was on your website and was having a hard time finding the area where I can look at colors for my convertible top and my seat covers. Where can I find them?
  31. Regarding a Mazda Miata convertible top; what is the difference between a regular top and a budget top?
  32. For a 2000-2006 BMW convertible headliner, do you offer the string set and the plastic pieces that holds the strings in place?
  33. For a 2002-2007 Honda S2000 Spider, does the "headliner" come with the convertible top, or is it sold seperately?
  34. I have a 1968 Jaguar XKE which needs a Boot Cover for the top. I see the year 1968 has two part numbers, how do I know which one to order?