What type of material do you use in your products?

GAHH is committed to using the original equipment manufacturer's materials. We use Haartz Stayfast, Sonnendeck and A5 canvas materials for our canvas tops. Other manufacturers use Topline canvas, which does not meet the high standards set by BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari or Maserati. Discerning buyers looking to restore their vehicle to its manufacturer specified condition look for Haartz based products like those produced by GAHH.


There is a difference between using OEM canvas and using cheaper aftermarket alternatives. The differences involve the type of backing (cotton or polyester), stretch, bonding properties, appearance and durability. Haartz is the leading supplier to the OEM's including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Nissan, Mazda, and others. GAHH is the largest aftermarket customer of the Haartz canvas and cabrio materials.


We purchase our leather from the same European tannery that supplies BMW and Mercedes. This tannery matches the original colors exactly. We purchase only first quality raw materials including full grain hides. Full-grain hides are of high quality because the color of the leather fully permeates the hide. This gives the leather a  long lasting, quality color.


How can you distinguish quality leather from poor quality leather? It's simple. Take the leather in your hand and crush it. If the "top coating" on the leather appears to be separating from the "backing," you have low grade furniture leather. If the leather simply crinkles up and it is clear that the shiny part of the hide and the "backing" of the hide are clearly one piece, you have high quality leather. There are many technical reasons that differentiate low quality leather from high quality leather, but ultimately, high quality hides will wear very slowly and evenly. They will also breathe properly. Low quality leather does not breathe properly, wears quickly and unevenly, and will be generally less comfortable.


GAHH is extremely particular in material selection and works with the same suppliers that the OEM's work with. Combined with the old world workmanship and highly skilled tradesmen, we transform these materials into high quality replacement parts that meet and exceed the original equipment for the best vehicles in the world.

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