What are the terms of your warranty guarantee?


G.A.H.H. Interior Kits, Convertible Tops, Glass and Plastic Windows, Headliners, Top Boots and related products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment from our facility. 

We offer a pro-rated two-year warranty for our products based on the type of topping in which our product is made and the length of time our product has been installed. We guarantee our workmanship and offer protection against failure in toppings such as cracking, de-lamination, severe discolorations (except the lighter colors of German Cloth toppings for which no warranty is available) during the warranty periods listed below.

  1. Our warranty does not cover damage caused to our products by failure to properly operate a convertible top and glass or plastic window.
  2. Our warranty furthermore does not cover any damage caused by abuse, whether accidental or intentional; or damage which may occur during the installation of our products; or caused by failure to use or replace side cables, rain rails or other original components; or by use of improper cleaning techniques or cleaners.

  3. Our warranty does not cover damage against breakage of glass windows. We do however offer a two-year warranty against failure of the bond of the sport topping to the glass, or failure in the topping that would cause the glass window not to operate correctly.

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