WHAT IS THE GAHH WEB? The GAHH WEB is made up of two website based portals: one for ordering items and one for managing your business with GAHH. You can go directly to either one or you can access one from the other. www.wholesale.gahh.com is a shopping cart type search/ordering site. www.portal.gahh.com is the dashboard to manage your business. The purpose of these portals is to put you in charge. You can check stock, order items, check on current orders, manage returns, see your invoices and more at the dashboard. At wholesale.gahh.com you can search for and order all of the GAHH items in our catalog. All of this is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week without the need to call us! The GAHH WEB puts you in our office at your convenience! WHAT BENEFITS DO I GET FROM USING THE GAHH WEB? There are a great many benefits to signing up. Everything from being listed in the Where to Buy on gahh.com to a fantastic Rewards Program. Get noticed by thousands of buyers on gahh.com • 24/7 access to your account • 24/7 ordering • Earn Rewards Points • Get early access to new models • Extensive online tech support • Share tech tips and stories with other shops on our Blog • Exclusive web page for tier 1 dealers GAHH is pleased to announce a great new way to order GAHH products and manage your business at anytime from anywhere. WELCOME TO THE GAHH WEB!!