MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS USING DASHBOARD— PORTAL.GAHH.COM Why waste time on the phone to find out what’s going on? Open up your personalized dashboard and get all the same information we have! Anytime, anywhere. Just logon to CHECK STOCK It can be very frustrating waiting to see if we have an Item in stock. Especially with a customer standing in front of you! Now you can get up to the minute stock status on thousands of items. In most cases we also tell you how many are available. VIEW ORDERS One of the most important pieces of information is order status. The GAHH Dashboard provides real time information on all your orders. Did my order ship? Was the order complete? What is the tracking #? Simply click on Completed Orders and drill down to find out. Did I place that order for the rush item? Did I order the correct item? When will it ship? Click on Open Orders to see all orders that have not shipped. VIEW INVOICES Keeping track of all the accounting can be a real chore when things are busy. GAHH WEB now makes it easy to get organized by putting all of your invoices in one place! Need to see what you paid for and make sure everything was correct? Just open the Paid Invoices screen to view your history. Need to know what to pay? (most important for us!) Open the Unpaid Invoices screen and see what is due.