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  1. GAHH Glass Window Top for 2001 Porsche Boxster: "Had my GAHH top Installed today, nice upgrade!" ** WITH PHOTOS!**
  2. GAHH Replacement Glass Window Top for 2002 Porsche: "Pretty amazing service..."
  3. GAHH Glass Window Top for Porsche Boxster: "...No problems, whatsoever."
  4. GAHH Glass Window Top for Posche Boxster: "...looks good and works perfectly!" **WITH PHOTOS!**
  5. GAHH Glass Window Top for 2000 Porsche Boxster; "The top looks great..." **WITH PHOTOS!**
  6. Glass window for a 986 Top: "...GAHH in California. A very reputable company."
  7. Seat Kit for 1984 300SD Mercedes Benz; "...Looks like it did in the showroom 21 years ago."
  8. Convertible Top for 2000 Porsche 996 Convertible: "Just as an FYI, GAHH has been great to deal with." ** WITH PHOTOS**
  9. Seat Restoration for Porsche 928; "...it must look like it did when it was brand new..." **WITH PHOTOS**
  10. Seats & Carpet REDO for a Porsche 928 S4: "All worth it!" **WITH PHOTOS**
  11. " Birthday present to my Cabriolet...": New Leather Seat Covers from GAHH for a 1990 C2 Cabriolet ***WITH PICTURES!!***
  12. One sentence says it all...
  13. New Vinyl Seat Covers for BMW Sport Seats
  14. New carpet for a Ferrari 88 Mondial 3.2 **WITH PHOTOS!**
  15. New Leather interior for a Ferrari 308 "Their products and service are excellent." **WITH PHOTOS!**
  16. New Boxster Top w/Glass Window
  17. "New GAHH Top!!! Well Worth the money!!!" **WITH PHOTOS!**
  18. Convertible Top for 2001 Porsche Boxster S ** WITH PHOTOS **
  19. "The folks at GAHH are great to deal with..."**WITH PHOTOS**
  20. Daytona Seats: 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello **WITH PHOTOS**
  21. Replaced my top on my 2000 Boxster with a GAHH top with glass window and defroster. Excellent quality.
  22. Yep, I'm very happy with the GAHH top I installed 4 years ago. **WITH PHOTOS!**