Seats & Carpet REDO for a Porsche 928 S4: "All worth it!" **WITH PHOTOS**

?"I basically gutted my car except for the headliner and dash.

When done though it was the best time spent on my car. I mean after all it is a car and the carpet has been in there for 17+ years! No matter what the quality to begin with, it has to go at some point. It got rid of that old smell in the car and really updated the inside..

I used a company called Gahh. I went to my local Porsche dealership and looked at the new cars one day and loved the "grahpite grey" color. I called GAHH, they sent me a sample,?I went to the dealership with it in hand...perfect match. I went home and ordered it. I also got a leather sample to match and had my seats made in the same color along with some dye to do the side panels.

All worth it."


**as posted on the Rennlist website; www.rennlist.com **


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