"The folks at GAHH are great to deal with..."**WITH PHOTOS**

"?No more karate chop!

I got my GAHH top w/ a glass rear window installed yesterday at the GAHH site in North Hollywood.

The folks at GAHH are great to deal with. I handled my scheduling with Jackie and dealt with Jack once I was there. They are very friendly, informative and helpful.

I dropped it off early on Wednesday morning (somebody met me there at 6:30 am - let's see a dealership do that!) and picked it up Thursday afternoon (again, they waited for me until 6:00 because I couldn't get there sooner).

The installation went smoothly. Jack walked me through the whole product and told me about the 2-year warranty. He also recommended that I not put the top down for at least 2 days so the fabric can "stretch" a little bit - he said if I did put it down too early, I might have to force it closed when I put it back up. So, I can't tell you how easily it opens/closes just yet.

Regarding the rear view, you lose about 1/3 of your vertical view (a little off the bottom, most off the top). For example, I could see a Jeep driving behind me, but couldn't see the driver. So far I haven't noticed this to be a problem. I also think the lower profile window looks pretty sharp from the outside.

Here are some pics - the car is still very dusty from the install (forgive me!).

So far, I am very happy with it. "

Brentwood, CA

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