GAHH Glass Window Top for 2000 Porsche Boxster; "The top looks great..." **WITH PHOTOS!**


GAHH top for Boxster

"I recently had a GAHH top installed on my 2000 Boxster. The top looks great. It is as good as the original. Actually, it is better because it has a glass window. The window is a little smaller than the original plastic one, but it is not a problem. It has built in defroster wires that can be connected with a little effort and a wiring harness.
The top was very tight at first so the I had to pull it closed manually so the latch would catch. That loosened up after a few days. Now, after a few weeks I have to have the cables tightened.
The top looks fine and the material feels heavy and strong. Water beads up on it really well. I have no complaints and don't regret going with an aftermarket top.
Here are some photos."
-Ken T.
**as posted on the 986 forum website; www.986forum.com **

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