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Ready-To-Install Carpet Kits

Ready-To-Install Carpet Kits
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Available for interior & trunk compartments, all kits are complete to replace areas that are originally carpeted. First quality imported Velour, Multi-Loop, SliverKnit & Wilton wool carpets are used to duplicate a factory replacement kit.

  1. All carpet kits are cut by our Automated Gerber cutting system, to ensure accuracy for precise fit & installation time.
  2. Bound in matching vinyl, cloth or leather trim with original style heel pad to guarantee a factory finished appearance.
  3. Porsche kits are offered with factory style Black lavant grain heel pad & “ORIGINAL” jute dimpled underlay pads on complete floor pieces.

Underlay Carpet Pad

GAHH’s Mercedes kits do not include original molded underlay pads on front fl oor carpets. Existing pads must be re-used by carefully separating them from the old carpets. If molded pads are missing or damaged, as substitute ½" layer of foam and ¼" jute padding can be used in multiple layers to form a molded type replacement pads.

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