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Replace or Re-Build Seat Pads

Replace or Re-Build Seat Pads
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Rubberized seat pads for most Mercedes-Benz models are available through GAHH Automotive. Replacing rubberized seat pads when installing a GAHH automotive replacement seat cover will insure a perfect fi t, as well as personal comfort for the vehicle owner. GAHH Automotive recommends that your inspection begins with seat springs, followed by the seat pads.

Models equipped with rubberized seat pads become dry over time, losing their original shape and begin to deteriorate, making replacement pads necessary.

If replacement pads are not available or the vehicle is equipped with foam pads, it is best to rebuild the pads by gluing a layer of ½" foam on the face or top of te pad. Then to support the pad from underneath, we recommend that you glue the back side of any carpet with a strong backing on the bottom of the seat pad.