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I basically gutted my car except for the headliner and dash. When done though it was the best time spent on my car. I mean after all it is a car and the carpet has been in there for 17+ years! No matter what the quality to begin with, it has to go at some point. It got rid of that old smell in the car and really updated the inside. I used a company called GAHH. I went to my local Porsche dealership and looked at the new cars one day and loved the "grahpite grey" color. I called GAHH, they sent me a sample. I went to the dealership with it in hand...perfect match. I went home and ordered it. I also got a leather sample to match and had my seats made in the same color along with some dye to do the side panels. All worth it.
I am very picky with my I was a little worried about replacing my worn drivers bolster & cracked "belt" with a new piece of leather (I chose GAHH's 925 Champagne II leather) and restore-dying the rest of the seat to match... I was concerned about it not matching, the belt not matching the rest of the belt (they only replaced the upper section since the lower section was fine)... just in general it was not looking 100%....Let's just say I am very happy with it!!! The belt looks perfect, you can't tell the difference between the new and old leather and all of the old wear marks/cracks are must look like it did when it was brand are a bunch of before/after pictures....I didn't take a bunch of close ups of the restored seats...didn't need too...they look the same up close as at a distance, which they didn't before...but like I said I am very picky! About my only complaints is they are not very soft, but they weren't to start with, so its no biggie. They look so good now I almost don't want to sit in them (I said almost).
Brian - **as posted on the Rennlist website; ** - Co-Founder Stockton Sharks Society
Rather than using a carpet kit, I bought raw material from GAHH and had the pieces cut and placed, allowing me to upgrade and use a better grade of carpet - in my case the top of the line German square weave (as in classic mercedes) in black.grey seen here with nice black cocomate with grey highlights. If you wish to stay with the original type and weight of the carpet, GAHH has a complete pre-cut kit for many Ferraris.
One Sentence Says it All. "GAHH is the best aftermarket top/window supplier out there. I've always been nothing but Pleased w/ their products.
Jonathan, Owner of a 1991 560 SEC - **as posted on the Benz World Forum website: ** - Atlanta, Georgia
Replaced my top on my 2000 Boxster with a GAHH top with glass window and defroster. Excellent quality. Love having a glass window and I do use the defroster often in Florida. Had a GAHH recommended shop install the top. Strongly recommend getting a GAHH.
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