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Convertible Tops

Convertible Top Lifetime Window Bond System

Heat Sealing is Inadequate

Adhering glass to the topping material is difficult because glass does not want to adhere to anything and topping materials are engineered to repel everything. In the past, most car manufacturers adopted a process called "heat sealing."

Installation involved placing a plastic tape between the glass and the topping and electricity was applied until the tape melted. Unpredictability of this process resulted in a high failure rate of the bond. This failure can cause water leaking into the car or the window falling out of the top completely.

Sealing With Silicone is Also Inadequate

When aftermarket convertible tops were initially produced, most manufacturers chose to use the heat sealing method developed by the OEMs. They continued to have mixed results with this process and failures continued to occur on a regular basis.

Some aftermarket manufacturers, because of cost and complexity, chose to use a silicone adhesive to adhere the windows into the toppings. This process was prone to be even less reliable than heat sealing.

The GAHH Process

GAHH Automotive decided that a better method of installation was necessary. An engineering team set forth to develop a process that would address the problems of separation and leakage with the added benefit of a more “factory finished” appearance. After many hours of researching, prototyping and testing, GAHH developed a new patent pending process that virtually eliminates all of the inherent problems of heat seals or silicone.

This process is so unique, that completely automated equipment had to be designed in order to manufacture the tops. This proprietary process involves wrapping the topping around an internal support structure and adhering the glass to the resulting assembly with a special bonding agent, developed specifically for GAHH Automotive. The resulting bond between the glass and the topping is extremely strong, and also has no stitching or piping. Trademarked as UltraMaxx™, these tops have set a new standard in the industry.

Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

UltraMaxx™ Tops, manufactured by GAHH Automotive are constructed using a patent pending bonding system to attach the glass window to the topping material. This bond is so strong that GAHH Automotive guarantees it for life, with no gimmicks or fine print. Simply put, if the window in your GAHH UltraMaxx™ Top separates, delaminates, leaks or falls out... GAHH will replace the entire top at no charge to you... Forever!

UltraMaxx™ virtually eliminates window separation and leaks. The process is so reliable, GAHH is able to offer a lifetime warranty